Established in the year 1960, we are probably the oldest and largest manufacturer of nylon ring travellers in india. The vast experience and prudent leadership of the founder and proprietor of our oragnisation, Mr. S. Nandy is our most valuable asset. In his early days he got his training and experience in designing and workings of nylon travellers in paisley, scotland(u.k.) And tokyo and osaka (japan). Under his able guidance we give our best effort to maintain our high standard of product quality and prompt delivery schedule.


We have the most modern facilities for manufacture of nylon ring travellers in india. Our travellers are designed to perfection with the aid of computer aided designing to ensure smoothest possible running. We have the latest equipments for pre moulding and post moulding treatment of nylon. Also our latest microprocessor controlled injection moulding machines ensures that our travellers of same size are identical in all respect and they conform to strict international standards.


We are proud to have all major Mills in India who use Nylon Ring Travellers for their twisting and spinning machines as our customers. They include all mills of Madura Coats group, Aditya Birla Group, DCM Shriram Group, J.K. Group, Kajaria group, Bajoria group etc producing cotton, synthetic, rayon, flax, jute, woolen yarns etc. Also we are supplying to numerous small yarn and twine manufacturing units spread all over India from North to South and east to west.

We are also proud of the fact that for majority of our customers we are the only supplier for Nylon Travellers.

Once they use our product they do not bother to look for another supplier for this item, as we fully satisfy them with our quality, competitive price and prompt delivery.