To produce best quality and widest range of nylon ring travellers at lowest possible cost.


To provide our customers with best quality nylon ring travellers at lowest possible price to enable them to maximize their productivity and profitability. Also to maintain prompt delivery schedule to ensure that our customer's production schedules are not inter-rusted.

Welcome To Sukumar Nandy & Co.


We are one of the oldest and leading manufacturer of nylon ring travellers and nylon pad flyer in India. We have vast experience in this field and the widest possible range of nylon ring travellers. Our travellers will give you the best value for your money.

If you are looking for good quality nylon ring travellers at most competitive price, your search ends here. We have a wide range of travellers to cater to your need.

We evaluate our customer’s requirement by thorough study of profile of their ring and other production parameters and suggest them the optimum size and design of traveller. If we do not have your required traveller in our range (the possibility of which is very slim) we can promptly develop travellers to suit your ring.